Tooth Pain Relief

When tooth pain strikes, more often than not it comes out of nowhere and hits you hard. While there are medications available which can help with pain relief, very few of them can treat the cause of tooth pain. In order to gain permanent relief from tooth pain, the cause of the pain must be identified and removed with general dentistry.

The Seacrest Dental team has the qualifications and experience to offer you tooth pain relief that will last. If we canít provide you with a same day or emergency appointment, we can recommend the best pain relief medications in the meantime. However, with our unique approach to patient scheduling, you will never have to wait long before we are able to see you.

For infrequent tooth pain, you should still arrange a checkup. We will carry out an in-depth exam to determine the root cause of the pain. Early treatment will provide you with pain relief, as well as ensure that any oral health conditions are treated early and effectively.

By receiving treatment early, you will also save time and money. Severe oral health problems usually arise due to lack of early detection. It is these conditions which are also most damaging to both your health and your wallet.

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