Noticing One of These Signs Could Mean You Have a Cavity

Miramar Beach FL DentistAre you currently stressing out over something unusual going on with your tooth?

The following points could help you decide whether it’s time to see a dentist.


It’s normal for teeth to hurt in the presence of extremely hot or cold food items. However, the sensation should go away when the stimulus does. If a tooth continues to throb after the offending item is removed, then that could signal a cavity.


Teeth shouldn’t hurt when you chew normally. But any pain on biting means that there’s something bothering the nerve chamber of the tooth.

Bad Taste in Your Mouth

A cavity is decaying tooth material. Nothing that dies gives off a pleasant scent. If you have a strange taste in your mouth, that could mean you do indeed have a cavity.


Not every brown spot on your tooth is a cavity, but areas of stain are a good place for cavities to take root unnoticed. Keep an eye on dark spots to make sure they don’t get bigger.

Hole or Chip

Suddenly noticing something “missing” in a tooth is a sure sign of damage. A new cavity may feel like a hole, chip, or groove in a tooth that just wasn’t there before.

Pimple on Your Gums

It’s possible to have an abscess without pain. If you notice what looks like an odd swelling on your gums near the root of a tooth, that could be the drainage point of a severe dental infection.

If you’re worried that you may have a cavity, then you should plan a checkup with our Emerald Coast restorative dentist. Contact Seacrest Dental to schedule an appointment.

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