Four Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

Miramar Beach FL Cosmetic Dentistry TreatmentsThere’s never been a better time than the present to finally move forward with your smile makeover. When ultimate dental aesthetics are a goal, porcelain veneers are an excellent choice. Here are four reasons why:

Get Instantly Straighter Looking Teeth

Often referred to as “instant braces,” veneers make your teeth look straighter without you ever having to wear orthodontic appliances. They’re perfect for hiding areas of mild crowding or even gaps between teeth.

Address Tooth Size, Shape, and Color

Veneers mask everything about your natural teeth. This gives you the freedom to change what color they look like, their shape, and even the size of specific teeth. Ask to see some of our before and after pictures for inspiration during your smile design process.

Complete Your Smile Makeover in Just a Couple of Appointments

From designing your ideal smile to having your permanent veneers bonded to your enamel, the entire process takes just two or three trips to our Emerald Coast dentist office. The first is your consultation, the second is the prep visit, and the final appointment is when we bond your veneers in place.

Experience a Huge Boost in Your Self-Confidence

Improving your smile’s appearance affects your entire life. From who you date to how well you do at a job interview, feeling proud of the way your teeth look can open new social and professional doors. Veneers aren’t just an investment in your smile…they’re an investment in your quality of life.

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