Are You Having a Dental Emergency?

Miramar Beach FL Emergency Dental ServiceWith years of experience in treating urgent dental cases, Seacrest Dental knows how to handle such dental emergencies.

Loose Crowns or Lost Fillings

Check your tooth to make sure it's clean. You should also clean out the inside of the crown. Using a temporary cement from the local drugstore, carefully replace the cap (after ensuring it goes on the right way). The cement can also temporarily replace a filling. Call us to find out the next step.

Fractured or Knocked-Out Tooth

A loosened tooth should be stabilized (don't chew on it!) until you can see the dentist. Recover any loose pieces, take a painkiller, and ice the gums to bring down swelling.

If you're brave enough, replace a dislodged tooth as quickly as possible. Gently wash the root in clean water (without soap or scrubbing). Push it back in place and gently bite down to keep it there until you can see us. Or, bring the tooth to us in a container of milk within the first hour.

If have bleeding that won't stop or pain or an infection so severe that you can't sleep, it's best to visit the local emergency room.

Emergency Dentist Near Santa Rosa Beach

As popular tourist destinations, Miramar and Santa Rosa beaches attract a lot of guests. But while our visitors take vacations, their dental problems don't!

That's why our team at Seacrest Dental is happy to provide emergency dental services to all in the area. We have a phone system in place that directs community members to the help they need. We also prioritize getting those emergency cases into our schedule ASAP.

Make Seacrest Dental your go-to dentist in an emergency!

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