5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Dental Tourism

Miramar Beach FL DentistIf you live on the Emerald Coast, there’s a good chance you’ve taken a trip across the Gulf to visit more exotic climes. But is it a good idea to seek dental treatment while abroad?

Here are a few things to think about before you do.

1. Will you really save money?

The cost of travel and lodging may negate anything you save by seeking dental treatment in another country.

2. Can you trust the quality of the care?

Not all countries maintain the same standards of cleanliness in medical facilities. A dentist could be skilled and cheap, but you’d regret going if you picked up an infection.

3. What if something went wrong?

In the States, there is a constant threat of lawsuit hanging over the heads of virtually every medical professional. But the same protections aren’t guaranteed to patients in every land. Think twice if there’s no legal or financial protection for patients at your destination dental office.

4. Is there any way to accurately transfer records between your local and foreign dentists?

Don’t rely on your own memory to recall which tooth was filled when! You have a better chance of getting quality care if both dental offices can collaborate, to an extent.

5. Are you sure of getting the quality you’re promised?

It is a shady practice in some dental offices (yes, it’s even happened in the United States) to use sub-par dental materials while billing for a more expensive one. If you have no way of confirming that you’re not being ripped off, then maybe you should rethink the trip.

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