Preventive Care

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

You’ve probably heard this expression hundreds of times. In fact, you’ve probably said it yourself. This saying is particularly true when it comes to your dental health.

At Seacrest Dental in Seagrove and Miramar Beach, we can treat a lot of problems. We can fill cavities, place crowns, perform root canals, and even replace missing teeth. We are highly skilled in all of these general dentistry treatments. But the reality is that we’d much rather prevent problems from developing in the first place. This philosophy works well for you, too, because preventing problems will save you money and help you avoid uncomfortable dental issues. Plus, even though we’ve created a relaxing, comfortable environment for your dental care, we know you’d prefer to spend as little time as possible at the dentist’s office!

Preventive care is the backbone of our practice. We recommend strongly that each of our patients returns to the office on a regular basis for cleanings, examinations, and preventive treatments that can help you avoid dental problems.

Gentle, Professional Cleanings

Our hygienists are skilled in the art of performing thorough-yet-gentle dental cleanings. Patients often wonder why they still need professional cleanings when they are diligent about brushing and flossing their teeth every day. The reality is that brushing and flossing are great first steps – like vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis.

Professional cleanings, on the other hand, are like renting a Rug Doctor. Have you ever seen the dirt and grime that a good shampooing can pull out of your “clean” carpet? Hygienists take their time and carefully examine every nook and cranny of your teeth for all the spots that your toothbrush and floss missed or simply can’t access. Without cleanings, these small areas can turn into major problems.

This is also an opportunity to examine your teeth and gums for signs of disease, like dental caries or periodontal disease. Hygienists are often the first line of defense against these health concerns.

Routine Examinations

Your Seagrove and Miramar Beach dentists, Drs. Fred and Reese Ruder and Dr. Anthony Le, are dedicated to catching dental problems at the very earliest moment possible. This allows us to practice simple, conservative dentistry that is comfortable and less costly for you.

When you visit our office as directed (usually every six months), we’ll examine your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth carefully for any concerning signs. Along with checking for cavities, occlusal (bite) issues, and signs of gum disease, we’ll also be looking for signs of oral cancer, a deadly type of cancer that is highly treatable in its earliest stages.

We may also recommend preventive treatments like fluoride or sealants for further protection. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been shown to strengthen your enamel and protect you from cavities. Sealants are thin coatings of resin that are applied to the chewing surfaces of your teeth to protect the deep grooves that can be magnets for bacteria and cavities. We’ll discuss our recommendations with you, and we promise to always involve you in your dental care, every step of the way.

Is It Time for a Cleaning or Examination?

Even if it’s been a while, go ahead and contact us today to schedule your next cleaning and exam with our Miramar Beach and Seagrove dentists. Our priority is your health and comfort, and we will never make you feel bad about your current level of dental health – we will work with you where you are to help restore your health and improve your well-being.

Our two convenient locations make it easy for you to get the treatment you need when you need it. We look forward to caring for you and your family!

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