More adults than ever are straightening their teeth these days. Does this surprise you? That’s because they are using clear aligners, which means you never even noticed!

Would you like to be one of them? Maybe you’ve looked into straightening your teeth before, but were turned off by the idea of metal brackets and wires. Or maybe you’ve already done your research but didn’t like the high costs associated with the name-brand aligners.

At Seacrest Dental, we offer a dental treatment that has all the benefits of aligner systems like Invisalign and ClearCorrect but without the high costs. We’d love to tell you more about it and how it can help you have the straight and healthy smile that you’ve always wanted.

How Our Straightening System Works

The first thing we’ll do is have you come to either our Seagrove or Miramar Beach dental office to have a consultation with one of our Santa Rosa Beach dentists. Your dentist will examine your teeth and discuss your goals with you to make sure that this is the right option and that our system will meet your needs.

The next step is creating a step-by-step treatment plan to determine the best method for guiding your teeth into proper alignment. Once this is complete, we’ll take x-rays, impressions, and photos to send to the lab that creates the aligners.

When the aligners are ready, we’ll call you back to our office. We’ll show you how to wear the aligners and give you directions for cleaning them and changing them. Then you get to go home and straighten your teeth without anyone ever noticing!

The Benefits of Our Aligner System

We’re excited to offer this system to our patients because we believe that a straight and healthy smile should be available to everyone and that you don’t have to use expensive, name-brand products to get beautiful, effective results.

Some of the advantages you can expect from our system include:

  • Clear, comfortable aligners that fit snugly over your teeth so that few people will ever notice them
  • Completely removable so that you can eat without restrictions, clean without hassle, and take pictures with confidence
  • Less costly than name-brand aligners without compromising on effectiveness

Why Straighten Teeth?

You’ve come this far without straightening your teeth, and many people view their crooked or gapped teeth as an endearing and individualistic trait. So why straighten at all?

There are actually several important reasons for straightening your teeth. For one thing, when your teeth are crowded or overlapping, it can be difficult to effectively brush and floss the spaces between them. Unfortunately, bacteria can still easily get in there and cause decay and gum disease. When teeth are widely spaced, it’s easy for bits of food to get trapped and put you at risk for bad breath and decay. Plus, teeth that are out of alignment can contribute to problems with your bite, and a bite that isn’t properly aligned leads to a whole host of other issues, including overly worn teeth, clenching and grinding, problems with the temporomandibular joint, and even migraine headaches.

Want More Information?

Contact Seacreast Dental today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fred or Reese Ruder or Dr. Anthony Le to see if our aligner system is the right choice for your orthodontic issues. We believe that quality dentistry doesn’t have to be expensive, and we’re committed to proving it to you.

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