Have you been told that you need dentures? You may be feeling apprehensive, imagining the loose and obviously “false teeth” that your grandparents used to wear.

You’ll be happy to hear that modern dentures are quite different than their earlier counterparts. They fit more securely and look much more realistic than ever. In fact, most people will never know that your dentures aren’t your real teeth.

If you have several missing teeth or the health of your teeth is causing problems, please call one of our offices to learn more about the modern, beautiful dentures our dentists can design with dental treatment.

What Makes Today’s Dentures Different?

Dental technology has improved considerably. We now have advanced imaging techniques that allow us to precisely fit your dentures to your gums. Imaging also allows us to create dentures in just the right shade to match your natural complexion and facial features. These are all important components in creating dentures that look attractive and lifelike.

Another important difference in modern dentures is that the teeth are designed and placed individually to allow for the variation that occurs naturally. No two teeth are exactly the same, even in your own mouth! Older dentures used teeth designed from the same mold, and our eyes and our brains are able to register this simulated “perfection” and recognize that it doesn’t look natural. This leads to some of the descriptors that people use to describe older dentures, such as “blocky” and “too perfect.” That’s all changed now, and most people won’t register the difference between your dentures and natural teeth.

We can even use dental implants to secure your dentures so you never have to worry about a slip again. Once the implants are placed, your dentures will literally “snap” into place without the need to rely on suction or adhesives.

Caring for Your Dentures

Most dental plans cover dentures, which often means that dentures are the most affordable choice for many people. Dentures do require more care than other more permanent tooth replacement options like dental implants and bridges, however.

You’ll need to remove your dentures daily and clean them using a brush and cleaner designed for dentures. Don’t use regular toothpaste or a toothbrush because these are often too abrasive and can scratch the finish on your dentures. If this happens, your dentures will more easily attract stains and can also trap bacteria, which leads to bad breath.

When you are cleaning your dentures, be very careful to avoid falls. If your denture does happen to fall on the counter or on the floor, please bring it into our office so that we can check for damage. Sometimes, damage occurs that you may not be able to see, but continuing to wear a damaged denture will be uncomfortable and can lead to sores.

Your dentures should not be allowed to dry out or be exposed to heat because both of these can cause the appliance to warp.

We’ll provide you with other tips and recommendations to help you keep your dentures looking and feeling great. We offer denture repairs and relines, which can help extend the life of your dentures, so don't hesitate to call us any time you have a question or a concern.

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